Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SiF #119 - Sex Comic Books

What is the big secret that Kidder has been waiting for so long to reveal? He's finished writing his first book and it is now being illustrated. What is it called? It is called "Sex is Fun, A Fully Illustrated, Scenario Based Guide for Couples Who Want Exciting Sex." Who is it for? It is for everyone who wants to have exciting sex. It is for straights and gays and bisexuals, oh my! When can you buy it? Not until it has been fully illustrated and published. That is where you come in. Illustrating a book this large is extremely expensive and Kidder can't afford to do it on his own, so he's asking you for help. Listen to the show and read the sample chapters and see for yourself why this is the biggest and most inclusive sex primer that has ever been attempted.
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