Monday, January 12, 2009

SiF #158 - Breasts, Nipples and other Toys of Joy

It is the Booby Show.

Kidder runs out of caffeine and discovers that Coochie's cones are even better than a can of Whoopass. We're discussing all of the pleasure that one can get from feeling, grabbing, squeezing, sucking, biting, or even looking at tits. We also discuss all of the pleasure that one can get from having their boobies felt, grabbed, squeezed, sucked, bit, or just having them looked at. What do you do when you feel like your breasts are too big or too little? How to get fitted for a bra and how will diet and exercise affect the size, shape, and weight of my breasts? We discuss breast enlargement and breast reduction surgeries. What should you expect from a breast augmentation?What keeps men from enjoying nipple play and how to help them enjoy their nipples.

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