Monday, February 23, 2009

SiF #164 - Touch

The crew had a coup and overthrew the old guru and now Kidder has nothing to do. Actually, the show is about non-seuxal touch and Kidder decided the topic was to boring to deserve his attention. Lorax is back, her job got the sack and her pussy is so wet that it drips down to her crack. Gay Rick remembers his nipple molestation, he enjoys touch flirtation, and wishes America would fund his occupation. Coochie got new toys from, and she said, "these are the bomb!" Laura Rad used a torture device to stimulate Lorax's vice and from her nipple came a liquidly spice. How nice! The crew talks about touch and such. They define the difference between platonic and sexual touch. They also discuss the how they like to be touched.
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