Monday, April 27, 2009

SiF #173 - Sexual Compulsion

What is the difference between sexual compulsion and sexual addiction? Kidder describes his drinking behavior to find out if he has a drinking problem. Laura Rad has a confession about Dr. Laura and her nude photos. We learn that talking to God may not make you crazy but if you can hear him talk back to you, you probably are totally bonkers. When homosexuality was taken off the DSM, a lot of silly christians got upset and started having lots of deep conversations with an imaginary friend about it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

SiF #172 - Sexual Addiction

Are all the educators on Sex is Fun sex addicts? We'll find out today when we ask a psychoanalyst if we're all doomed to sexual death and depravity. Take take the quiz and find out if you or your parnter(s) are sex addicts.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

SiF #171 - How to find the Ideal Sex Worker

Kidder's in Cancun with Swingercast but the rest of the crew are all over talking about finding the perfect sex worker. Rick's April Fool's joke made lots of Facebook friends freak out. Terms to keep in mind when looking for a massage with a happy ending. Watch for "full release." Where do you find a sex worker for your specific needs? How to safely meet a sex worker? 
Note from Kidder: "I wasn't there for this one so unfortunately I was unable to correct some bad information. Prostitution is legal in only two states in the U.S. Rhode Island and Nevada. That said, Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas, and in any brothel, pimping or selling sex from the street is still illegal in Rhode Island. Only half of the counties in Nevada have active legal brothels and all of these are in rural areas. Prostitution outside of these brothels is illegal throughout the state. "

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Monday, April 6, 2009

SiF #170 - Threesomes are Really Fun!!!

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Kidder realizes he hasn't given threesomes a fair evaluation. The group talks about the joys of being the special guest star in a threesome as well as finding a third to add to your twosome. It can be a lot of fun for a couple to seduce and share a 3rd partner. The gang gives flirting tips and a fail safe technique for proposing a Ménage à trois. Nothing is risk-free, but you'd be surprised just how many will actually respond positively to the world's favorite multiple partner fantasy.

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